Streetcar in Hokkaido

Streetcars run south of Odori Park through the city's well known places, such as Tanukikoji, Susukino, and Nakajima Park. The streetcar route includes 23 stops, of which seven stops are connected to either of the three subway lines. The streetcars run clockwise from Susukino to West 4, and counterclockwise from West 4 to Susukino. Or from the central library (Chuou-Toshokan-Mae) runs both to Susukino and to West 4.

The operation starts before 7:00 a.m. and ends around 10:00 p.m. Between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., the streetcars run every several minutes apart every day.

A fare is 170 yen for an adult and 90 yen for a child for a ride.

An economical "all you can ride for a day" card for the subway-streetcar-bus combined rides can be purchased at Odori and Sapporo subway stations, or at any major subway stations. Travel information centers also carry this convenient card. The One Day Card is 1,000 yen for an adult and 500 yen for a child.

Adjacent to Susukino, and an underground walk from the Odori subway station connects to Tanukikoji and Susukino.

Tanukikoji is the largest shopping mall in Hokkaido. The snow- and rain-proofed, covered arcade stretches from South 1 to West 1~7, over the seven blocks long mall.

Their 130-year history displays varieties of supplies in the 200 shops.


Known as Hokkaido's largest entertainment district. The area extends from South 4~8 to West 2~8. An underground walk from the Odori subway station is also connecting to Susukino.

Susukino is packed with thousands of bars, restaurants, stores, karaoke bars, pachinko game centers, adult establishments, and more.

Famous Hokkaido ramen (noodle soup) attracts tourists at the Ramen Village (ramen yokochou). Its location is South 5 West 3. There the 16 ramen specialty shops compete with their varieties.

Nakajima Park

One hundred acres bring Nakajima Koen the joyful place to the visitors. It has been listed in the "100 Most Popular Urban Parks in Japan." In the park, there are 5,000 beautiful trees to enjoy. Beautiful Sapporo concert hall "Kitara" in here often offers music events. Other events held at the park include sports, festivals, and education relating activities.2 35578 1394
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