Bus in Hokkaido

Knowing the bus systems in Hokkaido helps move around from place to place. Finding addresses in Sapporo is easy, for the city is organized in the grid system. The addresses in downtown Sapporo read North/South first, then West/East. It reads "North 3 West 5," "South 14 East 10," "North 7 East 1," "South 2 West 8," and so on.

Such addresses are written in English at all intersections in downtown Sapporo.

The wards in the city also organized in the same system, starting from the Sapporo Central Ward (Chuuo-Ku) to the North Ward (Kita-Ku), East Ward (Higashi-Ku), West Ward (Nishi-Ku), and South Ward (Minami-Ku).

Bus stops are located at the left edge of the left lane. Each bus stop is posted the schedule of the day.

A bus depot in Hokkaido is usually located by the station or in the city center. In Sapporo, depots are located by the station's North Exit, East Exit, and in the city center.

There is an information desk by the North Exit on the first floor of the station to inquire about bus schedules. The desk is open from 8:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. everyday. Also, see the station's Information Center.

Although it sounds a bit strange to English speakers, "With You Card" is valuable in two ways.


With You Cards can be used for the subway, streetcar, city bus, Chuo bus, and Jotetsu bus. When transferring from the subway to a bus or vise versa, this one-does-it-all comes in handy, no need to buy a ticket for each ride.

10% Bonus

Pay 1,000 yen and get an 1,100 yen worth With You Card. There are 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 yen cards, all come with10% free ride.

With You Cards are available at vending machines in the subway stations. Also, bus drivers carry the cards. When the driver's hands are free at a stop, pay him directly to get a prepaid card.