Need to know

Emergency Numbers

It is important to memorize at least a couple of emergency numbers in Japan. An emergency phone line in English is not provided; thus, chances are slim to make complete communication in English with an ...

ATMs in Hokkaido

ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) are easy to find in Hokkaido. The machines are placed at post offices, banks, convenience stores, department stores, airports, hotels, and at large buildings. Some ATMs accept ...

Post office in Hokkaido

A post office can be found in walking distance unless one lives in a remote area. The logo of the post office is 〒, and all mailboxes in Japan are unified in red. Services of post offices vary depending on ...

Consulates in Hokkaido

Consulates in Hokkaido are all located in the Sapporo area. Concerning your passport, this is the place to get help.
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