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Mt Poroshiri-dake Trek 3 days

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Destination : Hokkaido- Hidaka mountain- Hokkaido
This is one of the best treks in Hokkaido and even Japan . This excellent loop track in the heart of the Hidaka mountain range follows with amazing scenery, nature and wildlife and at the peak of Mt Poroshiri-dake ( 2052 m ) you will be rewarded for all your hard work to get to the peak with spectacular views looking down on the Hidaka mountain range.

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Day 1: ( Backpacking in )
On this day from the car park for the trek we will walk 5 km on the dirt road carrying everything that we will need for the next 3 days until we come to the hiking trail which follows the Nukabira-kawa river bed for 5 km to we come to the Poroshiri Sanso ( hut ) where we will make camp for the next two nights.
On this day prepare to get your feet wet because we will make 15 river crossing.
Hiking Distance : 10 km
Hiking Time : 4 hours

Day 2 : ( Long Day Hike )( loop track: We will hike from the hut and back to the hut )
On this day we will wake very early and get a real early start on the day. We will leave the hut and our campsite and just take a small and light day pack with essentials and do a long and hard but fantastic and amazing day hike that will take us to the peak of Mt Poroshiri-dake and then along a high ridge line and between two other peaks, then drops steeply back down and back to the hut. Where we will enjoy a nice meal and maybe a couple cold ones and a good night sleep.
Hiking Distance : 16 km
Hiking Time : about 8 hours

Day 3: ( Backpacking out )
This day we can have a little sleep in and relax after our big day the day before. Once we are ready to leave we will pack up our tents and hike back the same way a long the river as we came in on the first day, so again get ready to get your feet wet. One pack at the car. We will drive back to Sapporo and if possible we will stop at an onsen and stop somewhere to get something to eat. We will most likely get back to Sapporo late .
Hiking Distance : 10 km
Hiking Time : 4 hours

Distance : 36 km
Level : Hard
( this trip will suit those who are looking for a challenge and an adventure and really want to get away from everything and really see the wild Hokkaido )
Experience : must have done some hiking before:
( If you have never done a multi-day hike before that is OK!
You will be going with an experience guide who help you and give you good advice.)
Fitness : good to high
Meeting place : Sapporo
Style : hands on, backpacking, trekking
Average altitude of trek : 1000 meters
Elevation gains & lost,s : 50 m to 500 m
Accommodation on trek : Tent
Backpack weight: 1st and 3rd days:
( People must be able to carry a minimum weight of about 8kg for girls and 10kg to 15kg for guys: Note! 3rd packs will be lighter because less food )( 2nd day light Day pack )
Minimum number: 3 people
Maximum number: 12 people
Room Class1 Pax2 Pax +
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Number person Adults Under 2 years old Over 2 years old
* Food for 2 x breakfast & 2 x dinner
* Hot drinks
* Camping fees
* Any gear if you need to borrow

* Transport to and from Trek
* Hut fee ( if needed )
* Lunches & snacks
* Onsen fee
Les touristes peuvent visiter le laos en une semaine pour admirer beaucoup des paysages et pour découvrir la vie quoitidienne des habitants d'ici