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Hyakujojiki Cave & Natural Ice Sculptures Snowshoe Adventure 4 Hours

Tour Code : From $ 104
Destination : Hokkaido- Hyakujojiki Cave- Hokkaido
Join us on this magical snowshoe adventures to an amazing natural wonder which the the Hyakujojiki cave with it's spectacular natural ice sculptures. In the cave ‘Hyakujojiki no Dokutsu,’ upstream of the Tokushunbetsu River, magnificent ice stalagmites are continuously growing and reforming. Created by dripping water, it is a sight that will make you wonder about the mysterious workings of nature

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On this snowshoe day trek we will do a loop route that will 4 hours that will include a stop at the Hyakujojiki cave a long the way plus a lunch stop where we will find a nice and suitable spot where we will dig a table and benches out of the snow and cook up a hot lunch and drinks.

Experience: First time snowshoers to experience .
Age: from 12 years up
Fitness: Good to High
Trip style: Back country snowshoeing
Distance: 5 km
Where: Two hours out of Sapporo

What to bring :

* Light thermal long  underwear, Top & bottoms
* Suitable mid layer for warmth
* 2 pairs of warm trekking socks
* Outer water proof shell, Top & bottoms
* Ski gloves
* Inner gloves
* Woolen hut
* neck warmer
* Goggles or sunglasses
* Extra warm thick top to put on during break
* Sun and lip block
* snacks
* drink ( 1 liter )
Room ClassAdultsKids ( between 12 & 17 )Family of 4 deal ( 2 kids, 2 adults )
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Start Date
Number person Adults Under 2 years old Over 2 years old
* Experience English speaking guide:
* Snowshoes & poles
* Day pack
* The right footwear
* Hot lunch
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