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Family Camping Trips Hokkaido 3 days

Tour Code : From $ 485
Destination : Hokkaido- Shiraoi- Toya- Hokkaido
We can put a great 2 day or 3 day family camping trip together for you .We know of a great camping ground that we use in a small town called Shiraoi. This is a great area and very a nice camp ground with clean facilities.

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There are many nature trails and walks and it has a small steam where kids can play, just down the road there is a small lake where you can
rent out conoes and bicycles to ride around the lake ( they have bikes for small children ).

There is a small onsen near by to take a relaxing soak and  to clean up plus there is also an Ainu museum there to check out.

On our family camping trip you can enjoy a very delicious Japanese BBQ

The town is famous for having many burger restaurants who specialize in making their own homemade burgers which are very delicious.

About an hour away there is the beautiful area of Toya where you can jump on a sightseeing boat on the lake which will take us to a small island where we can do small a easy nature walk and make contact with the local deer.

There is also an option here to go to one of the big hotels there that has a big water park inside that your kids will really enjoy and have a lot of fun .
This place also has a great onsen.

Must bring :
Own suitable clothes and footwear, snacks and drinks .
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   * Family Tent
   * Sleeping bags & mats
   * All other camping gear
   * Food for breakfast & dinner including Japanese BBQ
   * Camping fees
   * Guide

   * Transport
   * Lunches & snacks
   * Kids drinks
   * Alcohol
   * Onsen fees
   * Museum and any other extra fees
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