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Asahidake onsen village to Sounkyo onsen village Trek 3 days

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Destination : Asahidake - Sounkyo -Hokkaido
Mount Asahi is the tallest mountain in Hokkaidō, Japan. Part of the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group of the Ishikari Mountains, it is located in the northern part of the Daisetsuzan National Park. In the month of July Daisetsu-Zan national Park can be the most beautiful area in Hokkaido. Usually in this month and especially in the first weeks the park is full with spectacular wild alpine flowers and large snow fields which will give some amazing views and great photos.

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Day1: ( Note: This day is the same as the trip above )
From Asahidake village we will catch the gondola half way up the mountain to where we will start our trek to the peak of Mt Asahi-dake and then down a little way to our camp for the first night. At this campsite is nothing at all but a small steam running through it and a place for your tent. This campsite has no toilet, that we have to dig. This is the highest campsite in Hokkaido. This day is only 3 hours and 3 km of hiking but it is all up with heavy-ish backpacks. The different,s form the trek above is that this campsite will be our base camp for two nights, you will not mover to another place unless the weather and your guide decides it is best to do that.

Day 2:
From our base camp we will do a day hike with light day packs. The route you will do on this day is the a loop trail that will take you to one of the parks most spectacular peaks that of Mt Aibetsu-dake taking you over some amazing ridge tracks and through another fantastic area of the park that many foreigners never get to see.

This day will also take pass and to the only natural onsen hot spring in the park where we will stop for a short soak then on and back to our camp. This is a long 8 hour 21 km day but you will be well rewarded .

Day 3:

We will break camp and do a 3 hour hike to the hut at Kuro-dake where we will stop for lunch and then make our way down to the gondola station where you should be met with more beautiful wild flowers . At the gondola station your guide will decide on either taking the gondola down or to hike down. This decision is made by your guide only. He will take in two counts. How much time you have left to catch the bus down below and on how the group is. Once down at Sounkyo onsen village we will have a onsen hot spring bath at one of the onsen bath houses at the catch a bus back to Asahikawa then the train back to Sapporo.

    * Sat, Sun, Mon dates only
    * Distance : 36 km
    * Level : Medium / Hard (depending on your fitness)
    * Experience : must have done some hiking before
    * Fitness : Good to High
    * Meeting place : Sapporo ( other arrangements can be made )
    * Style : hands on, backpacking, trekking
    * Average altitude of trek : 1500 meters
    * Elevation gains & lost,s : 50 m to 300 m
    * Accommodation on trek : Tent ( emergency: hut )
    * Minimum number: 1 people
    * Maximum number: 8 people
    * Average backpack weight for girls: 10 kg to 15 kg
    * Average backpack weight for guys 15 kg to 20 kg

If the weather is bad on the 2nd day you will make your way to the hut at Kuro-dake which will take 3 hours.
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Number person Adults Under 2 years old Over 2 years old
    * Very experience guide ( one of the best English speaking guide in Japan )
    * Food for meals ( not including lunches and snacks )
    * Gear for camp: cookers, pots, water treatment gear, wash up gear,
    * Gear if you don't have: Tent(share), sleeping bag, sleeping roll, backpack, Headlamp, eating set, cup, rain gear.

    * Transport to and from trek
    * Lunches and snacks
    * Hut fees if needed
    * Gondola fees
    * Onsen fees
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