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Mt. Asahidake

Mount Asahi (Asahi-dake) is the tallest mountain in Hokkaidō, Japan. Part of the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group of the Ishikari Mountains, it is located in the northern part of the Daisetsuzan National Park. The mountain is popular with hikers in the summer and can be easily reached from Asahidake Onsen via Asahidake Ropeway. Sugatami Pond, directly below the peak, is famous for its reflection of the peaks, snow, and steam escaping from the volcanic vents.

Mt. Asahidake is a mountain of extremes; it is the last place in the entire Japanese archipelago for the yearly snows to melt and the very first place for fall foliage/the season's first snowfall to occur.

The Daisetsu Mountain Range system comprises the northernmost mountain chain in Japan. And on Mt. Asahidake, the tallest peak of this system, snow remains for the longest period compared to any other place in the country. Even in July, when the rest of Japan is approaching summer, lingering snowfall can still be seen on Mt. Asahidake.

In autumn, a southward progression of fall foliage from northern latitudes down to the southern regions occurs as the season changes to winter. Due to its very high elevation above sea level, autumn arrives early on Mt. Asahidake and the leaves begin to gradually change color as early as late August. In other words, you can enjoy fall foliage at the same time when other parts of Japan are still suffering from the oppressive heat of late summer. And in mid-September, near the summit of Mt. Asahidake we can see the first snowfall of the season earlier than any other location in the country.

The excellent panoramic view of Mt. Asahidake's four seasons as seen from a ropeway window vantage point will leave breathtaking, unforgettable memories in the hearts of all visitors who travel here.