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Hiking in Hokkaido

The abundant parkland in Hokkaido is ideal for hiking during the summer months. Trails access many of the island's higher peaks, with hikers enjoying excellent scenery along the way. Travel agencies in Sapporo can arrange guided tours that focus on specific attractions.

Hiking in Hokkaido is absolutely wonderful and alpine hiking (in the snow - mainly from October to May) is a whole different world, beautiful in a very special, different way! In Golden week on most mountains in Hokkaido (especially the big ones of Daisetsuzan where the peaks are almost all well above the treeline) there is still a LOT of snow.

Many of the ski fields won't even be finished by then so you'll need to be well prepared and preferably hiking with someone who is experienced in alpine hiking. It can be quite dangerous and it's very easy to get lost when all the landmarks and the trail are covered in a couple of metres of snow - you'll need to know how to read a map and use a compass. Also, camping at that time of year, even on the plains, can be very cold at night so bring a very warm sleeping bag! The weather in spring can be very changeable, so you need to be well equipped to deal with whatever mother nature feels like throwing at you when in exposed locations like the Daisetsuzan range.

Hokkaido Hikes is a new company doing good value hiking tours throughout Hokkaido. They are very experienced and tours include all the good-quality alpine gear you'll need.
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