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Hokkaido Subprefectures

Hokkaido is the second largest island of Japan and is the northern most among the major islands. Hokkaido is criss-crossed with mountainous regions and is renowned for its natural scenery, active volcanoes, virgin forests and large lakes. Sapporo is the capital and largest city of Hokkaido . The region of Hokkaido is one of the 8 prefectures that are divided into sub prefectures, mainly because of its large size.  

Hokkaido is one of eight prefectures in Japan that have subprefectures. However, it is the only one of the eight to have such offices covering the whole of its territory outside the main cities (rather than having them just for outlying islands or remote areas). This is mostly due to its great size: many parts of the prefecture are simply too far away to be effectively administered by Sapporo. Subprefectural offices in Hokkaidō carry out many of the duties that prefectural offices fulfill elsewhere in Japan.

   * Abashiri
   * Hidaka
   * Hiyama
   * Iburi
   * Ishikari
   * Kamikawa
   * Kushiro
   * Nemuro
   * Oshima
   * Rumoi
   * Shiribeshi
   * Sorachi
   * Sōya
   * Tokachi

There is a plan to reorganize the 14 subprefectures as 9 general development bureaus, but as of 2009, the implementation of the plan has stalled. Before the current political divisions and after 1869, Hokkaidō was divided into provinces. See Former Provinces of Hokkaidō.