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Hokkaido Cuisine


Sake is a clear liquid which has about 15% alcohol in it. It's an important part of Shinto religion and Japanese culture. Sake is basically made from rice and water. It's said that water is very important to ...


Japanese people love crabs. A large amount of crabs are landed in Hokkaido, drawing many people from outside of Hokkaido. They are fresh, delicious and relatively cheap in Hokkaido, and so you should have ...

Sapporo Beer

There are a lot of types of alcohol in Hokkaido. First of all, Hokkaido is famous for its beer. The climate of Hokkaido and the high-quality hops produce good beer. Many beer manufacturing companies ...


Sushi represents the food in Japan. There are sushi fans all over the world. No other food in the world may be as artistic as sushi. Also, it’s surprising that sushi tells you the change of seasons. ...

Sapporo Ramen noodle

Ramen is quite popular noodles in Japan, among different kinds of soups for ramen, “miso”( fermented soy beans paste) soup is originally from Sapporo, making ...


Jingisukan is one of the local specialties in Hokkaido, barbecue of mutton or lamb. At home or outdoors, this barbecue is so popular among Hokkaido people. For ...
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