Rambootan is an Asian diner with a youthful, friendly clientele. They come here to enjoy the good food and the ambiance. The interior is decorated in modern Thai chic, with low tables and cushions to sit on, which means that you have to remove you shoes at the door.

The menu is an eclectic blend of the best dishes from just about every country in Southeast Asia, with a slight emphasis on Thailand. The raw spring rolls cost JPY420. Just about everybody who enters orders them, which attests to just how good they are.

Cuisine: Asian
Open Hours: 5.30p-1a Mon - Sat; 5.30p-midnight Sun.
Add: Minami 4 Nishi 1-4-3-2, Sapporo-Shi 064-0804
Contact: +81 (0)11 242 7477
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