This classy seafood restaurant is perfect for those who relish seafood of the highest quality—and do not mind paying for it. The interior, traditional Japanese with a modern twist, is the first thing that will impress you. But it is the food that will really convince you.

You can order a la carte, but the sensible option is to order a full course. These are available from JPY5,000 to JPY9,000, and they include an array of outstanding dishes--raw squid noodles, sea urchin, crab and abalone, for example. There is a full beverage menu and an all-you-can-drink option for JPY1,500.

Cuisine: Japanese, Fish & Seafood
Open Hours: 6p-midnight Mon-Sat.
Add; Mimatsumuraoka Bldg. 4F., Sapporo-Shi 064-0805
Contact: +81 (0)11 520 3299

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