Golf courses in Hokkaido

Golf is a sport playing against nature which makes Hokkaido is the best place to play golf. There are various golf courses in Hokkaido such as courses with full of challenges and more fun-oriented courses ...

Hiking in Hokkaido

The abundant parkland in Hokkaido is ideal for hiking during the summer months. Trails access many of the island's higher peaks, with hikers enjoying excellent scenery along the way. Travel agencies in ...

Skiing and Snowboarding in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a winter sports mecca, with superb powder conditions, heavy snow cover, a lengthy season and facilities to match any of the ski resorts in Europe or North America. If you are thinking of enjoying a ...

Public Bath in Hokkaido

Although most houses are equipped with a bathtub today, people are still going to public bath for their relaxation and quality bathing. In a Japanese public bath, people see an epitome of the culture, ...
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